The Zoom Mac Classes Series (ZMC) instructs on all Apple Software. There are over 20 hours of videos, telling and showing you, how to master all aspects of the Mac. Each class discusses an application or service that Apple offers, in-depth.

After the classes, you will feel more comfortable in front of your Apple technology. You will command your device with more confidence. You will get more done in less time, with less stress. This is the point when technology becomes fun.

You can purchase the videos individually for $10, as a bundle of 5 for $40, or as a bundle of 10 for $60.

Please let me know what videos you are interested in by filling out the form at the bottom of the page.

I look forward to helping you, help you.


Apple Creative Software Training

This 10 class (8 hours) course begins with learning the 5 essential skills on the Mac.  From there, we delve into the creative applications, including:

  • 5 Essential Skills on the Mac (47:58) 
  • Introduction to Pages (47:34) 
  • Keynote on the Mac (43:55) 
  • Numbers on the Mac (33:50) 
  • Bookmarks in Safari (14:16)
  • Introduction to Photos (1:00:16) 
  • iMovie on the Mac (44:19) 
  • Music, iTunes & Apple Music (51:46) 
  • Tips and Tricks on the Mac (56:38) 
  • App Store, Apple IDs, & Apple Services (46:54) 

This will be a one stop shop for learning “Everything Apple” for creative people.  When you finish these classes, you will be able to make a movie or slideshow, write your next novel, find your favorite podcasts, and even do a spreadsheet for your taxes.  In the end, we go over some tips & tricks on the Mac to make you even more effective.

Training for macOS, Top to Bottom

This 10 class (5 Hours) course starts with the basics of understanding the Finder and organizing and finding your data. From there, we will delve into the system applications that come on every Mac.

  • Organize Your Mac / Understanding the Finder (41:55) 
  • Navigating macOS (19:03)
  • System Preferences with Catalina on the Mac (47:12) 
  • Disk Utility & Time Machine (19:42)
  • Screen Time & Parental Controls (35:33) 
  • Printing & Scanning with MacOS (26:49)
  • Apple Mail (19:03) 
  • Contacts (23:54) 
  • Calendars (25:47) 
  • Safari, Reminders & Notes (50:16) 

iPhone Training

  • Introduction to iPhone 
  • Advanced iPhone 
  • Taking Photos on iPhone 
  • Top 10 Ways iPhone Runs My Biz 
  • Screen Time / Parental Controls for iOS Devices 
  • Podcasts on Mac and iOS 

Upon completion of these classes, you will be able to customize, navigate, and command your data with confidence. You will get more done, in less time, with less hassle.

ZMC Series 3

ZMC Series 3.  Let me know if you are interested in any of the videos by filling out the form below.

  • iOS 14 on iPhone  
  • 5 Essentials Skills of iPhone  
  • Messages & Animojis’ on iPhone  
  • Apple Services  
  • Zoom & FaceTime  
  • Tips & Tricks 2 on the Mac  
  • Introduction to Shutterfly / Making Printed Products from your Photos
  • Introduction to Garageband  
  • AppleTV  
  • Password Management  

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